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Belkin WiFi Extender

Belkin WiFi Extender

You can end your search here if you are looking for a WiFi extender that meets today’s fast and furious mobility. Besides, being stuck in weak and poor WiFi radiation will never help you in getting the best outcomes. Consequently, you will face random glitches and internet hassles while working on any of your smart devices. Now to sort out this problem, you can best use the advanced technology-based Belkin WiFi Extenders. Using these Belkin WiFi extenders, your internet ranges will reach each unreachable corner of your home and working space. As a result, it will allow you to enjoy endless internet consumption such as browsing, downloading, streaming, gaming, etc. 


In other words, you can understand this technical-device Belkin WiFi extender as a repeater that expands your router’s wireless signal range. Plus, there’s no requirement for cables and wires to proceed with the Belkin WiFi extender setup process. But at the same time, it is significant to go through the Belkin router login process to begin the Belkin WiFi extender setup or the Belkin setup process to give it a kick start. Hence, stay tuned till the end to learn how to make it happen.      

The Belkin Router Login Process-

Follow the downward steps to know how to login into the Belkin router by using a web-based interface. Remember, following this before starting the Belkin WiFi extender setup process is important.  

Prerequisites Needed for Belkin WiFi Extender-

 ➔ The very first thing you need is a Belkin wifi range extender device.

 ➔ Next, you need the name of an existing wifi network and its wireless router’s network name(SSID). 

 ➔ In case you are using a dual-band router, it is essential to secure the SSID and wireless password of both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network bands.

 ➔The last requirement is a WiFi cable device where your Belkin wifi extender will perform wirelessly. And these tech devices are computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.

The Process of the Belkin WiFi Extender Setup-

Belkin WiFi Extender Setup

Follow the downward steps, which will lead you to the process of the Belkin wifi extender setup or Belkin Setup. Make sure you must have your own Belkin router login account before you start-  

 ➔ Firstly, plug your Belkin WiFi extender into a power outlet that exists within the range of your router’s wireless network. After that, locate and connect to the Belkin setup network by using your wifi-enable device. Now, wait until your device connects with the Belkin setup network.

 ➔ Remember, you need to reset the Belkin extender if the network is not resulting. And to do this, press the button of the range extenders for at least 10 seconds. And then begin with the range extender before switching to the internet network.

 ➔Next, open a web browser, enter the “https://belkin.range” URL in the address bar, and click the “GO” icon. Optionally, to access the range extender’s setup page, enter the “” URL in the address bar.

 ➔ Now, click on the “Get Started” option to continue forward. Doing so enables it to start searching your router’s SSID automatically. Once you are done, search and select your preferred wireless network to extend. 

➔ Afterward, click on the “Next” option and wait for the Belkin WiFi extender setup to connect with the network. If you are unable to find the network on the list, click on the “Refresh” option to reload. Further, enter your wireless network’s password and click on the “Next” option.

➔ Further, wait until the Belkin setup identifies and approves your password. Choose the second wireless network you want to extend if you possess a dual-band network. And then, repeat step 6 and click the “Next” option once you complete it. Remember, the single-band Belkin wifi extender will only detect the 2.4 GHz band.

➔ Last, end the process by reviewing the Extended network information and make the changes by clicking on the “Edit” option. Otherwise, continue by clicking the “Create Extended Network” option to set up your extender.

Consequently, the network settings will appear on the screen, including the printing information and other options. However, if you face any glitches while processing the Belkin WiFi extender setup, contact its 24×7 customer care services.